Lease Kitchen Equipment Services

Leasing equipment is an alternative to buying brand new commercial kitchen equipment

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Commercial Dish Machines

Arizona Restaurant Supply’s programs to lease kitchen equipment include programs for commercial dish and ice machines.  Service is included in the cost of a commercial dish machine rental.  If you add chemical service with your dish machine, we’ll also take care of the dispensers and calibration to be sure you are in compliance with food safety and health regulations.


Commercial dish machine rentals can be complicated.  Finding the best dish machine service is important to supporting your customers and ensuring a high-quality dining experience.  ARS offers dish machine service in Tucson and Phoenix, as well as rentals state-wide.  Call us today to help lease kitchen equipment for your establishment.


Let us do the work for you so that you can focus on serving your customers.

Commercial Ice Machines

Ice makers and dish machines are critical to a kitchen operation.  However, they can also cause major interruptions to servicing your customers when they aren’t functioning properly. ARS can provide ice machine and dish machine rentals in Tucson and Phoenix to fit the needs of your business.


Our ice maker rental includes service and maintenance.  Allow us to make sure your equipment is in good working condition so you can focus on running your business.  We also provide chemical service to further support your operations.  Call us today for a quote.

Commercial Ice Machines - Arizona Restaurant Supply Inc.

Kitchen Trailers

We can design, build, and remodel your kitchen, but what do you do during the process?  Remodeling a kitchen doesn’t mean your business stops.


We offer custom mobile kitchens for rent to fulfill the needs of your business during a remodel.  A mobile kitchen trailer can be outfitted with a fully operational, self contained, commercial kitchen.  We can also design and build dishwashing, servery, and prep trailers custom to fit your exact business needs.  Contact our team now to discuss the options we have available for you.