Ace Your Next Health Inspection!

Ace Your Next Health Inspection!

In the era of COVID-19, it has never been more important to ensure your warewashing and surface sanitization is better than it has ever been. Health inspectors expect safety as a top priority for all establishments.

The foodservice community has done an excellent job in uniting together to create safe spaces for employees and customers alike to enjoy eating together in a public space. At ARS, we work with the state’s top casinos to ensure they are passing all health inspections.

But what specific steps can a business take to ensure passing health inspections with flying colors in this age of COVID-19? No worries, ARS has you covered.

#1 – Proper Temperatures

  • The most important aspect of a health inspection is requiring all temperature requirements to be met, not just for food but also for cleaning.
  • Dish Machines should never have a temperature below 120º and detergents and sanitizers but be dispensed at the right amounts
  • Freezers and Refrigerators must be out of the danger zone and record proper temperatures at all times


#2 – Sanitization

  • There are multiple types of sanitizers an establishment can use to ensure safety.
  • Surfaces must be sanitized frequently with a quaternary (or “Quat”) sanitizer to disinfect front and back of house areas
  • Detergent/Sanitizers also are useful for back of house surfaces that wash and sanitize at the same time
  • Your 3 Compartment Sink must contain sanitizer as well and test strips must be used to ensure the right strength is being used.


#3 – Clean Floors

  • There are different types of floor cleaners depending on what you have in your establishment
  • Neutral pH cleaners are essential for waxy floor surfaces that you often find in front of house applications
  • Enzyme-based cleaners are essential for back of house areas that deal with grease and other heavy waste products.
  • Having the right product will sustain the life of the floors and ensure top cleanliness.


When you source your chemicals with ARS, we ensure that all of these steps are taken and the right products are being used for your establishment so health inspections are aced with no problems. Let us make it easy for you, call today!

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